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We strive to better your research experience and improve the quality of human lives.

Eicom was founded in Japan in 1986. Our belief is when analytical instruments are made correctly, their reliability, sensitivity, and simplicity coexist and create the best user experience and optimal results. This principle has led Eicom to become a world leader in electrochemical detectors and HPLC systems for neuroscientists. In 2012, Eicom US operation has been transferred to a new US based company, Amuza Inc.

Support and Service

Good communication with our customers provides a stable foundation for success, which is the original meaning of Eicom*. We have a 100% US based and Ireland based support and sales team. Please visit our EEE support philosophy page for more details about our support.


Customer communications inspire us to pursue innovative solutions and new technologies. We introduce our products based on our commitment to enhance your research experience.

*Meaning of Eicom: Eicom (Ey-Com) comes from Eight Communications. Japanese Kanji “八 (8, Eight)” is a lucky number and represents stability and success. 八 is also used in 分 meaning analysis.

The AMUZA Difference

Application. We supply you detailed protocols that were developed and tested in-house. We don’t just sell you the hardware and then hand you someone else’s publication.

Support. From the beginning, we will assign a single knowledgeable application specialist to understand your needs before the purchase, and to help you get the best data afterward.

System. Other companies might try to offer a one-size-fits-all product, but Eicom designs instruments to do one thing well. The result? Maximum performance. Unmatched ease-of-use.

Who We Are

Eicom USA is now Amuza Neuroscience operated by Amuza Inc. We are the exclusive distributor of Eicom Corporation, a Japanese company in the North and South Americas. Amuza provides other scientific instruments. Please visit our sister sites for those products details.

Now Amuza Inc. launched a new company in Japan with Red Box Direct Ltd. Orange Science.