Standard Features

  • Superior sensitivity and stability of Eicom’s electrochemical detector technology.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Maximized up-time.
  • One amperometirc electrochemical detector cell with a constant voltage configuration using the same type of flow cell as the HTEC-500.
  • Available materials of working electrode; graphite, pure graphite, glassy carbon, platinum, gold, silver.
  • Easy access to the working electrode.

Available Options

  • The temperature of the electrochemical flow cell can be regulated using model ATC-700. If you require the best performance of the ECD-700, please use the ECD-700 with the ATC-700.
  • Switches to dual working electrodes without changing the standard amperometric cell with a common reference and counter electrode without changing circuit boards.
  • Either additional one amperometric cell with a single working electrode or one coulometric cell with a single working electrode. This option requires an additional circuit board.

Please consult with us concerning your intended application for the electrochemical detector and your current LC system. Some of the ECD-700’s excellent performance may be lost when used with LC systems not optimized for the ECD-700. To obtain the best stability of the Eicom electrochemical detector, consider setting up with the ATC-700.