HPLC Pump System, EP-700

Standard Features

  •  No pulsation damper necessary and computerized pulsation quenching system equipped.
  • Online degassing unit with 2 channels included.
  • Optional extra pump; in total 2 pumps can be built in for either a gradient mode or two isocratic modes.
  • Select from two models, micro flow type and high flow type, depending on the flow rate. See below.


  • Reciprocal dual piston pump
  • Recommended usage range of flow rate:
    • Micro flow type 100 to 500 µL/min with 1 µL/min increments
    • High flow type 0.5 to 3.00 mL/min with 0.01 mL/min increments
  • Degassing chamber volume: 300 µL x 2 channels
  • Dimension: 400 (w) x 400 (d) x 190 (h) mm
  • Weight: about 13 kg with one pump,  about 16 kg with two pumps.
  • Power Supply: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 200 VA

The EP-700 is an HPLC Pump System. It has ultra-high sensitivity, superior stability and adapts to various purposes. From Microdialysis Analysis with a laboratory animal to general analysis.

The EP-700 is one of the devices that comprises the HPLC Electrochemical Detection system model. It delivers the highest performance system architecture along with the Eicom Electrochemical Detector (ECD) ECD-700 and Temperature Controller ATC-700.

It has a high sensitivity liquid delivery pump, and degasser. In the EP-700 two different pumps may be mounted. The micro-flow rate pump, or the high-flow rate pump. The EPC-500 can control each pump independently or it can use both pumps to create a high pressure gradient. The pump in the EP-700 has self-learning pulsating flow control which ensures stable liquid delivery.

The EP-700 is inert with non-metallic parts inside. This creates a superior environment for maintaining a low and stable signal from an electrochemical detector.