The HTEC-510 is user friendly, provides worry free maintenance, can be easily switched between methods, and most importantly has superb sensitivity.

Ultra-High Sensitivity Electrochemical Detection

The best advantage of using electrochemical (EC) detection is the sensitivity. Eicom will never compromise when improving the electrochemical detector’s sensitivity. The combination of the HTEC-510, HPLC-Electrochemical Detector and the appropriate applications will easily ensure 160 amol sensitivity for dopamine and serotonin, and 5 fmol for acetylcholine.

Turn-Key System

The HTEC-510 is the optimized HPLC-ECD (Electrochemical Detection) system. Analytical applications of electrochemical detection have already been prepared, all you need to do is choose the appropriate method and follow the detailed protocol. Then you can easily get the results.

Easy to Maintain

The simple compact design of the HTEC-510 (HPLC-ECD) allows for easy maintenance. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you every step of the way.

Superior Customer Support

We assign a trained application specialist to work directly with you from the beginning.  This way we build an efficient working relationship and can help resolve any issues immediately.

The HTEC-510 replaces the HTEC-500

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Eicom’s Innovative Cell Design

  • Ultrasensitive, 30 fg of dopamine
  • Graphite electrode often ready to use < 30 mins after start-up
  • No tools to access the working electrode
  • Easy to clean or change the working electrode


The key to the sensitivity is the cell design. Eicom relies on a spring loaded mechanism that always maintains the proper pressure. This structure allows the detector to quickly stabilize after the cell is opened and closed. Another benefit is that the working electrode can easily be accessed without any tools. In this way, the electrode can easily be wiped clean and reinstalled to insure maximum sensitivity.

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SystemThe degasser, pump and ECD are mounted in a temperature controlled cabinet. A manual injector is also included.
System ControlIntegrated central control
Materials in Contact With SolventsPEEK and FEP, metal free materials
Flow Line Pressure Resistance20 MPa
(1st Channel)
Amperometric DC mode
(2nd Channel) Option
Coulometric ECD or UV/Vis detection
Dimensions250 (w) x 399 (h) x 365 (d) mm/approx 10″ x 16″ x 14.5″
Weight18 kg with amperometric detector cell/40 lb

Electrochemical Detection (1st channel)

Electrochemical Detection
(1st channel)
Expandable for second channel with model EPC-510
PrincipleAmperometric DC mode
Applied Potential Range0 to +/- 2000 mV, 1 mV steps
Integrator Output RangeAuto-zero point +/- 5 V, 0.1 nA/1 mV
Auto-Zero Working Range+/- 500 nA
Detector CellEasy open/close with constant pressure system
Working ElectrodeExchangeable disk
Standard Working ElectrodeGraphite, S/N 250% improved from glassy carbon
Working Electrode OptionsPlatinum, modified gold, pure graphite, glassy carbon, silver
Surface Volume of Working ElectrodeChangeable, 25 or 50 µm thickness with 3.5 or 7 mm width
Reference Electrode MaterialAg/AgCl, solid phase
Counter Electrode MaterialStainless steel 316
Time Constant Filter1.0/1.5/3 min
Noise LevelLess than 3 pA with dummy flow of R-W 1 MΩ R-C 2 MΩ at 0 mV

High Performance Pump

High Performance Pump
Single Stroke Replacement Volume4 µl, Φ2 x1.3 mm stroke
PrincipleIsocratic, reciprocal dual piston pump
Pulsation ControlControllable on/off capability. Computer programmed auto-quenching pulse system by variable stroke speed drive during each stroke.
Pistons MaterialSapphire glass
Check ValvesΦ1/16″ two check valves at the outlet and a single valve at the inlet
Piton SealHigh density polyethylene, Teflon® also available
Flow Rate Range0 to 750 µl/min
Pulse DamperNot required
Error MonitorOver pressure limit error, check valve error, motor error


Temperature Control Range20-45°C at 25°C ambient
Control ProcedurePeltier element to both cool and heat

Solvent Degassing Unit

Solvent Degassing Unit
Internal VolumeCh 1 300 µl/Ch 2 7.5 ml


CommunicationAll connectors are easy to access outside the component
ECD Integrator OutAnalog, 0.1 nA = 1 mV, 10 V full range
Pump Pressure Monitor OutAnalog, 10 MPa = 100 mV
Temperature Monitor OutAnalog 10°C = 100 mV.
Pump Error Out1.0 sec contact closure signal out. Works to stop autosampler.
Stop/Run Outer Trigger InStop/run ECD and pump unit. 0.5 sec contact closure signal in. Works for auto stop and auto start. Main power required to be on to receive the signal.
Auto-Zero Trigger InRuns auto-zero, 0.5 sec contact closure signal in
Manual Injector Switching Signal InAfter receiving the signal, the delay out sends signal out.
Inject Signal InAfter receiving the signal, the delay out sends signal out. Works to communicate with an autosampler.
Delay Out2 ports. 0 and 3 sec delay with 1.0 sec contact closure signal.

The specifications are subject to change without notice.