Microdialysis Probe

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System Overview

An in vivo microdialysis system is capable of collecting neurotransmitters from the brains of freely moving rats or mice. During sample collection, artificial cerebrospinal fluid (aCSF) is delivered to the probe placed in the brain of the animal. Samples are collected from the fluid that flows back out of the probe. Which means there are two pieces of thin tubing connected to the animal, which can become twisted as the animal turns. This makes a liquid swivel that can maintain a liquid connection despite an infinite number of rotations an integral part of most systems.

A properly constituted in vivo microdialysis system includes a syringe pump to deliver artificial cerebral spinal fluid (aCSF) to the probe, a cage, and some sort of balance arm set over the top of the cage that holds a two channel liquid swivel, tubing, and it moves up and down when the animal moves and turns. After the sample leaves the probe, it can be collected manually with a single collection tube. However, since a series of fractions will be collected every 5-20 minutes over at least a 4-6 hour period, most researchers prefer to use an automated, refrigerated, 96-well plate fraction collector. In addition to the various sampling system components, Eicom also provides the stereotaxic apparatus needed to prepare the animal for probe implantation and the HPLC-ECD used to analyze the samples for neurotransmitters. Learn More

AtmosLM™ Large Molecule (Neuropeptides) Microdialysis System

AtmosLM™ probes feature large pore membranes for better recovery of large molecules including neuropeptides and cytokines. Large molecule recovery with microdialysis technique was challenging, but now… Learn More

Advantages of Eicom Microdialysis Products

Eicom has been manufacturing our microdialysis probes for 20 years. All microdialysis probes are functionally inspected before shipping.

Custom size microdialysis probes are available even for low volume orders.

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