Amuza Rotating Cage Stage (RCS-91, RCS-92)

RCS-91: The RCS-91 rotating stage obviates the need for slip ring commutators, microdialysis liquid swivels, and fiber optic rotary joints. Electrophysiology, microdialysis, and optogenetics experiments often require multiple cables or tubes to remain connected to an animal without restricting its ability to turn around multiple times.  

A sensor integrated into the balance arm detects rotation of the animal and turns the stage proportionately in the opposite direction. The adjustable balance arm supplies tension, keeping the tether and other lines away from the animal.  

RCS-92: Adds the ability to record the rotation of the stage in both directions during experiments. Counters can record ¼  or full rotations in either direction to log activity of the animal.

Compatibility: Compatible with a wide variety of cages. Cages with a base between 10 and 27 cm wide can be securely clamped in place on the stage.  Larger cages can just be placed on the non-slip surface of the stage. Maximum cage height: 46 cm.

Included: motorized stage, balance arm with rotation sensor, tether, plastic animal collars, power supply. Cage is not included.

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