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Eicom has support teams based in San Diego, USA and Dublin, Ireland. Eicom customers receive free technical assistance from our sales and support scientists by phone, email, and Skype during normal business hours. Repairs are available on-site and at both of our offices. You can also meet our support scientists during  installation, at a demo, or during a conference. Unlike the limited support options available from many companies, Eicom assigns a single sales and support scientist to your account so that your contact always stays well informed about your needs. Please visit our support philosophy page.


Technical Support

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HPLC Products



  • User’s manual of HPLC products.
  • Analytical Application Manuals, more details
    of Eicom application notes
  • Latest software and firmware of HPLCs.
  • User forum to discuss your technical questions.


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Microdialysis, Teleopto,
Surgery Tools, etc

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Technical Support Videos


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Customer Support

Billing, Shipping Status

Warranty and Policies

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