Wireless Optogenetics for Freely Moving Animals

Teleopto Wireless Optogenetics joins wireless LED light sources with implantable optic fibers. It includes a precise remote control to provide researchers with a turnkey stimulation system.

Starter kits are available, which contain the core components of Teleopto.

Teleopto Starter Kit, TeleSS: 1 each of Remote, Receiver (specify the type), Emitter, Charger, Stereotaxic Adapter,  Two Channel Trigger Cable and 3x LED fiber optics (specify).

Teleopto Starter Kit 2 channel pulse, TeleSS 2Ch: 1 each of 2 channel pulse Remote, 2 ch pulse Receiver (specify the size), Emitter, Charger, Holder, Two Channel Trigger Cable and 3x LED fiber optics (specify).

  • Receivers are very small, light weight and rechargable
  • Has been used on mice and rats
  • Remote controller transmits stimulation signal to the receiver by infrared
  • Interchangeable LED Optic Fibers
  • Accessories and Instruments Available

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