Two publications for Teleopto wireless optogenetics

While still a very new technology, results have been published  in Neuron and Molecular Brain showing Teleopto’s utility in experiments that would be difficult to perform with traditional tethered systems:
Manita, S., Suzuki, T., Homma, C., Matsumoto, T., Odagawa, M., Yamada, K., … & Murayama, M. (2015). A Top-Down Cortical Circuit for Accurate Sensory Perception. Neuron  2015 Jun 3;86(5):1304-16
Dr. Murayama’s group used Teleopto to provide bilateral illumination to the mouse somatosensory cortex during experiments in Y-mazes and place preference cages. This allowed them to suppress tactile sensory circuits (M2 to S1 axons), thus degrading accurate sensory perception of tactile surfaces.
Sato, M., Ito, M., Nagase, M., Sugimura, Y. K., Takahashi, Y., Watabe, A. M., & Kato, F. (2015). The lateral parabrachial nucleus is actively involved in the acquisition of fear memory in mice. Molecular Brain, 2015 Mar 27;8:22
Drs. Sato, Kato, et al. implanted mice with bilateral LED fiber optics just dorsal to the amygdala to examine the effect of terminal activation of the elPB-CeC projection during auditory fear conditioning.
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